About Our Company

About Our Company

BU Power Limited is a company that specializes in captive and embedded power generation. Our goal is to be the premier energy solution provider in Nigeria.


About Us

Our Services

We build independent Power Plants powered with natural gas. We understand the impact adequate energy provision can have on quality of life, industry and the economy at large and are determined to play a central role in surmounting this challenge.

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Our Partners

We engage and work with OEM and other organizations in the power and energy sector to give our clients the best experience.



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Our Operations

BU Power currently generates electricity 24/7 to the university campus consisting of over 10,000 students and staff members.

Our Services

Power Generation

BU Power currently operates a 5MW Power Plant under Build-Own-Operate (BOO) model at Ilishan, Ogun State and we have several projects at various stages of completion.


Power Distribution

We distribute uninterrupted and reliable power generated from our power Plant to our client through a dedicated distribution lines. Our goal is to produce and distribute uninterrupted and reliable power to various sector of the economy.

Natural Gas

BU Power Limited carries out supply and distribution of compressed  natural gas. we are committed to meeting the needs of all stakeholders in the deregulated downstream sector of the Oil & Gas industry by providing quality services.


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Our team comprises of the operations team and the support team. The operations team has the technical expertise needed to run the Plant effectively and our support staffs are dedicated to providing all the needed administrative and organizational support to keep the Plant running.    


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CSR Initiative

As a business, we are interested in making impact through the implementation of initiatives that creates positive impact on society and the environment. At the moment, we engage in charitable works, employ indigenes of our host community, cleanup of our host community to mention a few.